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6248 UK locations, 300 Eire locations; 5800+ towns

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MasterDRAIN Foul

Has been produced in answer to the demand for a quick and easy to learn design program for foul drainage. It incorporates many of the features of the surface Water program, plus, of course, those that are specific to foul drainage design. Discharge units are available for BS EN 12056, and flows may also be calculated on a 'per head of population' basis. Learn more...

MasterDRAIN Surface Water

Program for quick and efficient surface water / storm drainage design . Rainfall rates are calculated from hydrological data available from the database or from the Wallingford maps, and the system is sized by the Modified Rational method developed by H R Wallingford. Full hydraulic data is available for each pipe section. Learn more...

MasterDRAIN Hydrology

Enables the user to quickly obtain the hydrological constants required for designing surface water drainage systems. It contains a database of over 6200 UK entries, and also has a full set of Wallingford maps to allow the user to derive values that are not available in the database. It plots rainfall graphs, roof protection calculations and many more functions. Learn more...

Drainage Design Services

In some cases, it may not be economic to buy a set of programs. This is particularly the case with small companies, who are often sole traders, or for those who do not carry out a lot of drainage design in relation to their other work. There is also a substantial learning curve, which represents a considerable down-time to a company for a specialist engineer.

For cases such as these, we offer a design service at competitive rates or can put you in touch with one of our customers. The full set of calculation printouts are assembled as a PDF file and emailed to the client - very often, an answer can be given over the phone e.g. for storage calculations, and the printout can follow.

In order to keep our costs to you as low as possible, we ask that our work is covered by your PI insurance. If this is not possible, then the rates move into a higher bracket. Remember that the more information you can give to us, the less we have to do and therefore the cost to you is lower.

Please note that we are not CAD specialists - we can printout your drawings, but we will not alter them. However, the data printouts are easy to follow, and it is therefore not difficult for the CAD operator to update drawings.

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Our Booklets tool allows potential users to get a sneak peak of MasterDRAIN functions and better understand what the programs have to offer. Take a no hassle tour within the functions and become familiar with MasterDRAIN environment that will let you start fast your drainage design works.

Buy once, use forever

Let us show you what our solutions can deliver to your business. Whether you're involved in a drainage engineering business, or either represent an educational institution or a government body, our effort is not to drain your budget. We offer cost efficient solutions with broad capabilities to help you succeed in today's market. We'll be happy to answer your questions and get you the information you need to make the right business decision.

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